Why Do People read Blogs???? reasons why they should!

Some Compelling Reasons to Read Blogs!

Your experience!  everyone has different experiences in life, whether its in education, or their job, or even Family experiences.  Blogs give other people insights to gain a form of experience from someone who has seen it first hand.  and can relate that experience in a first person type relationship that a book cant.

an alternative outlook on something.  everybody looks at things a little differently.  how one person sees the exact same thing can be vastly different then the next..  by reading blogs,  one can gain new insights or views on the same subject that they really hadn’t thought of before, and since its not being “taught” or forced upon them, they read it with a more open mind and are often more likely to understand or see it in the others view.

blogs are opinions,  not teachings!  they are like any reviews you get on google, or a products website.  they  aren’t to be taken as written in stone, they are opinions and views by one person, either by experiences or dealings with  first hand or second hand.   you cant take them overly seriously,  for instance just because a movie review is said to be poor by one person, the next person might think it was terriffic.   you must be open to treating blogs like reviews.  with an open mind.


these are just a few quick reasons to read a blog. so do a google search, find a blog that sounds interesting to you, and give it a whirl.   subscribe to it, and get the updates,  have fun with it…..

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