The Christmas Bonus

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation has become a holiday classic [albeit a silly one]. The story revolves around Clark Griswold’s anticipation of his hefty annual Xmas bonus, as he hosts his extended family for the holidays. Throughout the film, Clark dreams of using his bonus to build a swimming pool. Unfortunately, instead of a cash bonus, his Scrooge-like boss gives Clark a year’s subscription to the Jelly-of-the-Month club.

Except for Wall Street (where huge bonuses make every year a year-long Christmas celebration), holiday bonuses have mostly disappeared. Or, they have been replaced by a company gift, party, or tickets to some event.   Swenson Heating has done a variety of things over the 40 plus years we’ve been in business.  from cash bonus’s, along with jackets, hats, shirts,  and company party that includes dinner, entertainment and hotel rooms for everyone so they dont drink and drive, to Visa gift cards or just pointsettas.   With the Down turn of the economy,  the Christmas parties have been smaller, bonus’s have been cut back compared to prior years.   But we’ve always made sure everyone has felt appreciated,  and thanked for a job well done.

I’d love to get some response on this….what does your work place do as far as bonuses,   do they give you a gift? cash? nothing at all?  or do they say thank you and merry christmas?   is the idea of the Christmas Bonus dead and behind us?  and is it EXPECTED?   do you plan on receiving it?  or is it a welcome surprise?      in this Blog post im looking for as much feedback as i can get :)