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Furnace Broke?

Air Conditioner need service?

Need a contractor fast?

Want the most Honest and Reliable service in the North Metro?


Swenson Heating and Air Conditioning has been providing Honest and Reliable Service to the North metro and Beyond for the last 40+ years.  Our Customers, friends, and neighbors deserve nothing less.

     We are authorized for warranty service work for many brands of equipment and also post warranty service also.   Our Technicians are factory trained and certified.  They  use state of the art testing equipment and are more than capable of quickly diagnosing your problems and finding a solution for them. 

     You can depend on the Swenson Team to keep you comfortable no matter what the weather outside is.  Your appointment is only a phone call away

Before You Call……

  • Make sure that all switches and breakers are in the “on” position. (If fuses are blown there is a reason for it.) Call us. 763-389-1888
  • Make sure filters are clean.
  • Check position of thermostat. Be sure it is set in correct mode and at desired setting.
  • Be patient. Your furnace or A/C unit may have a time delay built in and it is preventing immediate return to operation.

Good Advice….

  • Don’t try to fix something you are not familiar with.  If your unsure,  Call Us.  763-389-1888
  • Turn off power to any unit before working on it.
  • Don’t run furnace or A/C without proper air filter in place.